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Roseda Black Angus Farm

Open House Sale
Saturday, October 27, 2007
10 AM – 2 PM
Complimentary lunch at noon

11 Spring Calving Cows
18 Fall Calving Females (calves at side)
11 Spring Bred Heifers

Sires Service Sires
Summitcrest Roseda Designed Rito 469 of Rita 9514 1I2
Rito 469 of Rita 9514 1I2 Summitcrest Roseda Designed
Prairiedge Marbull Design931 DS C A Future Direction 2921
B/R New Design 323-9150 Summitcrest High Prime 0H29
RP 3rd Bushwacker S S Objective T510 0T26
G T Expo Rito 2V1 of 2536 1407
B/R New Design 036 Dr J Analyst M250
Summitcrest High Prime 0H29 Gardens Highmark
PARB Diamond Design 258 Rito 1I2 of 2536 Rito 6I6

Fall Distractions

An internal hydraulic valve is failing on our primary tractor, the shop mechanic says our F550 diesel truck needs a new engine, the cows started on hay 75 daysahead of normal and we’ve made half as much hay as normal. The mower broke down mowing corn stalks to be baled. There’s a bill for 500 ton of silage waiting to be paid which will be the first silage fed at Roseda in ten years. Did I mention that our Rito 469 bull died…progeny data is looking real good though. And we’re putting the finishing touches on the Burchell barn that was struck by lighting and burnt down last fall.

These are some of my distractions as I try to put this mailing together. I’ve had the opportunity to visit with many of you, and realize that a lot of you are struggling with many of the same issues, particularly when dealing with the wide spread drought in the Southeast. We almost cancelled our fall open house fearing that the drought would make cows hard to sell. But after talking to a few potential customers, we decided to proceed.

I priced the cows after attending Wehrmann’s $2.5 million sale ($24,457 average) and had to restrain myself from raising the prices. When you compare our pedigrees and genetic merit against some of the top selling cattle in the country, I think you will find that Roseda offers competitive genetics at a reasonable price.

Fall 2007 Open House Sale

Twice a year, we update our private treaty sale cow list. We generally do this spring and fall after collecting and processing the weaning weights of either the fall or spring calves. Last fall we decided to hold a low-key open house event to introduce the new private treaty offering which we repeated this past spring.

On October 27, we will hold our third open house. The sale cows will be sorted into pens for easy viewing. Detailed records will be available and our staff will be on hand for one on one consultation. A silent auction format is used to allow everyone equal opportunity at the new cow list.

The cows offered are from the heart of the Roseda herd. The lower end and problem cows have been culled or added to the recipient herd. These are all cows that we would be happy to keep in the herd if resources permitted. The base price reflects our relative desire to keep them in the herd.

Our volume discount applies to this event with the added incentive that for this event only, we will use all of your 2006/2007 purchases to determine your discount for your open house purchases. Please join us on October 27.

Pick from the herd

So maybe you’re interested in our more elite females to add to your herd or to start a herd with. We’ve developed a pick from the herd or split the herd opportunity to accomplish this.

This is a “we pick – you pick” concept. Roseda picks the first cow, you pick the second cow and then we alternate picks through the herd. You can pick as many or as few as you wish. The price is determined as follows:

Picks 1-10: $10,000 each
Picks 11-20: $9,000 each
Picks 21-30: $8,000 each
Picks 31-40: $7,000 each
Picks 41-50: $6,000 each
Picks 51-60: $5,000 each
Picks 61-70: $4,000 each
Picks 71-80: $3,000 each


  1. Picks are from within the following groups:
    a. Breeding females – nursing or carrying a natural calf or in the ET donor program. Includes yearling heifers ready to breed.
    b. Weaned heifer calves
  2. Recipients – pregnant with or nursing ET heifer calves. Sex is not guaranteed on pregnant recipients. If a live heifer calf is not produced, you are not obligated to the pick and payment will be refunded.
  3. The selection process and pricing structure is independent for each group.
  4. You have the option on your pick to select half interest with no possession in Roseda’s previous pick.
  5. You may pass on any selection in which case Roseda will make two selections. The straight Wye bred females are included in this offering.
  6. Partnership females are not included.
  7. Females on the private treaty listing are not included but are obviously for sale at the listed prices.

Within the next few years, the majority of these females will end up on our private treaty list or in a consignment sale with a more reasonable price tag. This is a chance to jump start your program.

Consider one of my favorites, Roseda Miss Rachel 2V1 S133, reg. # 15726202. She’s a 2V1 daughter out of our home raised N010 donor now owned by Bill Gift.

Birth Wn Yr Milk
EPD 1.8 60 111 26
Percentile 40% 1% 1% 10%

Marb $W $G $B
EPD 0.48 30.33 25.43 53.44
Percentile 10% 10% 10% 1%

Roseda Miss Rachel 2V1 S133

S133 was flushed to TC Total and her flush mate was flushed to SS Objective T510 0T26. They will be flushed one more time and then bred for a fall calf.

Contact us for a list of other available females.

Rito 469

As I eluded earlier, Rito 469 was killed in an accident this past spring. Shortly after his death, we collected yearling weights and ultrasound data on his first calf crop. He was the high sire group for yearling weight and IMF with some pretty stiff competition from A.I. sires. This past summer we began collecting actual carcass data in which he excelled in marbling. We are looking forward to the next sire summary which will include actual carcass data.

Rito 469 currently has a $W of 32.48 and a $B of 62.83. If you do a search of the Sire Summary using those two values as minimums, there is not a bull in either the main or young sire summary that can match those minimum values.

We were able to collect a limited amount of semen as a yearling and will keep the price at $20 until supply dictates a price increase.

Bulls for Sale or Lease

The bulls will be semen tested in mid-October. We should have an updated list by the Oct. 27 open house. While the bulls are not part of the Open House Silent Auction, we will have the information available and the bulls will be offered on a first come basis. Give us a call and we will be happy to mail you a current bull list.

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